Artist Sessions

Tue 17th November
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Please join us for our first Visual Artist Sessions beginning in Townhall Cavan on Tuesday evening, November 17th, from 6.30pm-9pm.

Suggested Donations: €5/€3

Since we leased the building earlier in the year we’ve built artist studios and opened a gallery, as well as creating an events space and using the main hall as a theatre/performance venue, plus the whole exterior and loads of other spaces. There’s been a super buzz of people pouring through the doors in the past weeks for exhibitions, performances, spectacles, prop-making, set-building, wine, tea, excitement, creativity, volunteerism, and much more.

Now we’d like to get moving on the Artist Sessions, planned as a meet and share space, for next Tuesday.

Also, an opportunity has arisen to present your work and give us a bit of insight into what visual arts practice you have. If you would like to present your work, in digital form, please contact us for more information. Bookings preferred.


Bookings are closed for this event.