The Determinator by John McManus, read by Aaron Monaghan

Sat 17th June
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

John McManus and Aaron Monaghan collaborate on Creative Ireland project

Townhall Cavan

Saturday 17 May



The Anglo-Celt is the local bible for Cavan people; the place to read about births, deaths, what your neighbour is up to, and who’s been in court!

Marriages are also covered, and it is the unfortunate fate of a young man from Dowra to only realise that he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend when he reads in the Celt that she is to be wed the next day. Armed with his boots, his bicycle and a packet of fags, he sets out on an epic quest to Cavan Town, in a determined effort to win her back on the eve of her wedding.

‘The Determinator’, a new play by John McManus, will receive a rehearsed reading by renowned stage actor Aaron Monaghan at Townhall, Cavan on Saturday, 17 June at 8.30pm.

Ballyconnell-born McManus has a distinctive Cavan voice and his work captures the essence of this place, its character and peculiarities. His characters are complex, engaging and quirky. His play ‘The Quare Land’ won at the Origins Irish Festival in New York in 2015, ten years after he began his writing career by winning the RTÉ PJ O’Connor award.

McManus is delighted to be working on this play as part of the Creative Ireland initiative and he is particularly pleased to be working with Aaron Monaghan, who he describes as “a master of his craft”.

Arts Officer Catriona O’Reilly said “John Mc Manus captures the human condition.   The work is hilarious, poignant and distinctively Cavan.  The County Cavan culture team is really pleased to be working with John this year as part of this new cultural initiative”.

A limited number of tickets are available at Townhall, Cavan for this exciting opportunity to watch Aaron Monaghan perform new work by the playwright John Mc Manus on Saturday, 17 June at 8.30pm.

This rehearsed reading is commissioned by Cavan County Council as part of the Creative Ireland Initiative and supported by the Arts Council.