The Festival of the Dead: The Last Waltz

Thu 29th October - Sun 1st November
All Day

A four-day, round-the-clock ‘neon wake’, luminescent funeral pyres, nightmare jazz parades and a deathly ‘Ship of Fools’ will take you on a madcap, macabre theatrical journey through ‘The Thin Veil’ to the other world as Cavan Town’s new Townhall Arts Space opens with a ‘Festival of the Dead: The Last Waltz’ from 29 October – 1 November.

The former seat of municipal government in Cavan Town, this grand old building is now in the hands of Cavan’s brightest creative talents (trans-art Cavan and The Gonzo Theatre) and ‘The Last Waltz’ will see the building host four days and nights of non-stop theatre, music, film, and visual art.

After 106 years, one chapter comes to an end for this imposing sandstone building, but without death there can be no life. Past glories of the old Town Hall will be remembered as it embarks on a ‘Last Waltz’ before its new guardians usher in the culturally vibrant future of the building as a contemporary arts space.

The festival will see the entire building and grounds open 24 hours a day for four days from Thursday, 29th October till late on Sunday, 1st November, exploring all the Townhall’s possibilities as an arts space. The organisers are inviting all artists, musicians, and performers from around the county and beyond to take part and celebrate the cycle of life.

“This weekend is going to be a spectacular sensory experience, a feast for your eyes, ears, and soul,” says Siobhán Harton, one of the Creative Directors of Townhall Cavan Arts Space.
“‘The Festival of the Dead’ is mixing all contemporary art disciplines, taking a journey of celebration of the old Town Hall and its re-birth into the new Townhall Arts Space. This is trans-art and The Gonzo Theatre merging as one, so expect the unexpected!”