The Fire on the Gallows

Sun 1st November
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

On Sunday, 1 November at 6pm, as the Neon Wake draws to a close, the venue’s mundane clerical past is finally laid to rest, so that its new cultural identity can burst forth from the ashes. The Neon coffin will be burned in a funeral pyre at the Gallows Hill, a favoured former hang-out of local ne’er-do-wells, with music and fire performers to see it on its way.

This is followed by The Jazz Nightmare Parade – Fiesta del es Muertos – A New Orleans style night-time street parade through the streets of Cavan with brass and jazz musicians, dancers and fire-performers. Public and performers alike are invited to dress up as The Dead for this macabre Mardi Gras through the streets, and back to the Townhall for The Party of Rebirth!