Townhall Cavan presents ‘The Proclamation’

Sat 23rd April
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

“An artistic theme park ride through a century of Ireland.”

Concept by Philip Doherty and the Townhall Cavan creative team, with contributions by many artists


Taking the Proclamation of Independence as a source of inspiration, on Saturday, 23rd April, Townhall Cavan will present ‘The Proclamation’, an audacious, immersive journey through a century of colour, culture and history.

Sixteen words from the Proclamation will provide the themes for sixteen experiences presented over 100 years in a bold new production that renders modern Ireland though a phantasmagoric lens.

Starting with the signing of the Proclamation, audience members will be taken on a surreal theme park ride through the ages, as this epic, explosive performance looks sardonically at the legacy of 1916.

With over fifty performers, and a demented assortment of bizarre and beautiful artworks from many artists in all disciplines, audiences will be treated to live installations, music, and interactive scenes that take a colourful and irreverent look at Ireland since 1916.

Like a fevered dream, the history of modern Ireland will be presented in a bold new light, including re-enactments of riots in The Abbey, a rebel song cabaret, and “The Swamp of Truth”, where hospital beds lie mired with sinking symbols of Irishness, as a new Ireland rises to the surface.

This commemorative event will be moving, humorous, and prophetic, as well as reflecting on the domino effect that has brought us from 1916 to where we are today. ‘The Proclamation’ will cater for mass audiences over one day, aiming to entertain, educate and inspire local young people politically, socially and artistically.

This event will be free of charge. There will be ten performances, every half hour from 12noon until 5pm. Registration on the day. Keep an eye on Townhall Cavan’s Facebook page for updates.

‘The Proclamation’ is supported by Cavan 2016.